Adele Spencer – Fine art photographer based in Dublin. (Venice 2015)
“I am not long back from a fantastic workshop in Venice run by Rohan Reilly. This was the perfect way for me to see a city that I’d always loved and wanted to photograph, and also to learn more about the process of creating black and white long exposures. Rohan’s extensive knowledge of superb locations in Venice made it all the more easier to come home with some fantastic wall hangers. Rohan’s enthusiastic approach to his work and endless energy is quite amazing. “ He is a very friendly and approachable guy and is always willing to share his knowledge and experiences. I learned a lot more on this course than I thought I would and now feel confident enough to get out there and start putting this new knowledge to good use. I would highly recommend Rohan’s workshops… you are sure to have a great time and come home with some fantastic images.

Thanks for a great time Rohan!”

Dermot Russell - Award winning fine art photographer based in Dublin. (Dublin 2013 and Venice 2015)

"Last November (2015) I finally managed to attend one of Rohan's Venice photography workshops - a trip I had wanted to make for some time. The format of the workshop suited me perfectly, 4 days totally dedicated to photography in one of the most beautiful and enigmatic cities in the world. Rohan's knowledge of the locations around Venice is very comprehensive and we easily filled the 4 days with many diverse views of the city and surrounding lands. Venice really has so much to offer and Rohan would confidently build a plan for each day taking the changeable weather conditions into consideration. Rohan is very attentive to his students, giving many tips and suggestions whilst also allowing them to venture off on their own should they wish to explore. I really appreciated not having to think about accommodation either, it's all organised in advance in a very comfortable and friendly hotel. I also enjoyed the evening meals with the other students, all of whom shared a passion for photography. 

I'm extremely happy with the collection of photographs that I managed to capture on this trip - in fact I think the results surpassed my expectations. These images, developed with many tips from Rohan in mind, really have enabled me to push on and develop my portfolio. I wouldn't hesitate on taking another workshop when time allows - I can't think of a better or more enjoyable way to develop my skills in photography. Thanks Rohan!"

Michael Reibert – Fine art photographer based in Germany (Kerry 2013 / Copper Coast workshop 2014 / Venice 2015)

“At some locations I shot right next to Rohan and he explained to me in great detail what he wanted to capture with his shot, what his thought process was and what he wanted to show with his image. Having him standing beside me and helping me to find stronger compositions was quite exciting and very helpful. There were so many aspects I might never have thought of. His support for me is still lasting and he helps me with processing ideas of the images I took at his workshop. A workshop like this will dramatically speed up your learning process, at least mine did…I have spent so much time and money on gear rather then on going out there. The workshop opened my eyes and I am out there now “seeing” more interesting locations etc. and making pictures. The goodbye was quite sad because everyone was so nice and the weekend was a great experience!”

John Crowley – Award winning fine art photographer based in Ireland (Connemara 2014, Copper Coast 2014, Causeway Coast 2014)

“Rohan’s workshops were simply superb! I’m a local photographer, and mainly joined for his knowledge of great locations, but I came away with images that are a huge step forward both technically and creatively. Rohan helped me to push my photography far beyond what I would have done on my own at these locations, encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things, he gave excellent tips on composition. He was great company for the weekend and made sure we were all getting what we needed out of the workshop. He gave extra attention to those who wanted more help and stepped in with excellent tips for the more experienced shooters. Rohan, a real masterclass has totally transformed the way I now process my images. Thank you Rohan!”

Ricky Hunter - Scotland ( Causeway Coast and Connemara 2014, Venice and Copper Coast 2015)

“I just want to take the time to say how beneficial and enjoyable I found the Giant's Causeway coast workshop in April of this year. The whole experience far exceeded my expectations which I have to say were quite high anyway. Rohan’s passion and drive are infectious as is his subtle and dry sense of humour! Within a very short space of time our group had formed a brilliant relationship of fun and banter. Accommodation was superb and perfect for the course with plenty of room for the processing tutorials and comfy rooms to rest up after the full-on day.

The days are quite long with early starts so as to be at the superb locations for the best light, then a return for breakfast and a chat then back out again to other equally spectacular locations.

The days ended with a great meal (huge) and 2 or 3 pints of Guinness and a lot of laughs! I have come away from this workshop feeling that I have learned a huge amount. My previous conceptions on what was good light and conditions have been altered forever. I highly recommend Rohan’s workshops. He is modest, generous with his knowledge and great fun to be with! I will definitely be booking more in the near future.

So, to finish off I just want to say “thank you Rohan for a superb weekend!”

Nick Green - England (Copper Coast 2015)

I am an amateur self taught and primarily black and white photographer , after a couple of years I felt that I had come to a stand still and I was struggling to improve so I decided to do some research on photographic workshops and decided on Rohan's copper coast workshop which I felt suited my style perfectly being primarily long exposure seascapes.

I was a bit apprehensive at first but Rohan's easy going relaxed persona quickly put me at ease,the planningfor the workshop was meticulous and if the venues were not suitable on the day because of the weather conditions there was always a backup plan and no part of the day seemed to be wasted,in the evening we were pre booked into somewhere to eat and had a wonderful time talking over a great meal about the day and what was to come,we visited some fantastic places and came away with some great images and feeling I had learned from the experience.

On returning home I could not wait to work on the images using the techniques I had learned from Rohan and was more than happy with the results I had achieved and felt my photography had taken a leap forward, I soon booked Rohan's Venice workshop and am eagerly awaiting to go.

I don't normally like recommending things to people but in this case I would not hesitate,the workshops are highly recommended for both beginner and experienced photographers. Excellent all round .

All participants will need an SLR or DSLR, a tripod, shutter release and some Neutral Density filters and Graduated filters. I use a 10 stop, 6 stop and 3 Stop Haida filter.  A deposit of 150 euro will secure the booking with most workshops with the balance to be paid 6 weeks before the date.

For any further info or to confirm your place, please email me rohan@rohanreilly.com

My workshops focus on minimalism and creating fine art images. I use various locations in Italy, Japan, Spain and of course Ireland that I know can help you understand how to find, explore and capture engaging subjects that can hold the viewers eyes and thoughts. I will help you understand and learn abou the following and much more

1. Weather, Tides, Wind, Light, Pressure and how to use these to find yourself in the right place at the right time.

2. Using Manual Exposure and Live view for focusing.

3. Shooting RAW – Benefits and Practical Application.

4. Neutral density filters. How to focus properly and calculate exposures.

6. Sharpness – Understanding Depth of Field and Hyperfocal distances.

7. Composition – How to read a scene / the rule of thirds / how to compose square / 2-1.

8. Perspective – Understanding focal lengths, compression, wide angle distortion. How to use Tilt shift lenses.

9. Histograms- Explaining histograms and how to use them to get maximum out of each scene.

10. Processing – I have created videos exclusively for my workshop attendees to help you with ideas on storage, processing and making your files ready to print so that you can realise the images made on my workshops and hang them on your walls.

Vouchers for my workshops can be bought here.